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Security Industry Blog

6 Ideas to Remember When Applying for a Job

Sending in a well-designed resume and a well-written cover letter is the most important thing you can do to stand out among all the candidates applying to a position. It isn’t all you need to do, however. Hiring managers and interviewers tend to notice it when candidates neglect to demonstrate several subtle behavioural cues that […]

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Work As A Security Guard In These Top 5 Locations

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career as a security guard, there are plenty of opportunities. The security field offers a variety of work environments, and there’s always room for growth. If you like working with crowds in a fast-moving setting, or you want to be the first line of defence […]

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Nailing That All Important Job-Interview

Whether you desperately need a job or just want a change in jobs, interviewing for a position can be extremely scary for even the bravest among us. Even the highly qualified have those fears and doubts in their minds. Interviewing is a skill. Some people have it and some don’t, but arming yourself with a little […]

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10 Tips for Women Traveling to Islamic Countries 

Travelling to an Islamic country opens up opportunities to learn about a different culture and experience some of the finest hospitality in the world. These countries are full of history, art and culinary treasures that make them ideal for a vacation. Women have often been discouraged from visiting these countries due to stories of hassling […]

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Maintaining Security Clearance In The Private Sector

By Phil Intelligence Analyst (Kabul) ‘As a self-employed individual working in the private sector, contracted to a military or governmental institution, there is often a requirement to have a recognised – and indeed valid – level of security clearance, to facilitate access to assets, areas or information in the daily execution of your contracted duties.  […]

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