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Work As A Security Guard In These Top 5 Locations

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career as a security guard, there are plenty of opportunities. The security field offers a variety of work environments, and there’s always room for growth. If you like working with crowds in a fast-moving setting, or you want to be the first line of defence at an industrial site to keep criminals out, then working in security is for you.

There are a variety of clients that hire security guards to protect their businesses and private property. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states the need for security officers will grow by more than four % in the next eight years. If you’re wondering what kind of job settings this industry offers, then read on for more information.

1. Businesses – the need for security is high in the private business sector. You may be working in a retail shop, mall or an office building to keep workers safe. As the eyes and ears of the building, you’ll be using your training to prevent theft, vandalism and other criminal behaviour. Customers, vendors and employees will feel safe knowing there is a trained professional on the premises if they need help.

2. Construction Sites – no matter how high the fence is, an empty construction site is an attractive nuisance for vandals, thieves and unwanted persons. You may be called upon to patrol at night to ensure there are no break-ins or hazards. Another task assigned to you may be checking in deliveries and guests to the construction site. Building sites often contain thousands of dollars’ worth of material, and it’s up to you to make sure it’s kept safe.

3. Events – if you love variety, then working at events may be just the right security detail for you. Many promoters and venues hire security guards regularly for sporting events, conferences, concerts and festivals. These assignments will test your customer service and crowd control skills, and they are great short term assignments that won’t get dull.

4. Hospitals – working as a security guard in a medical setting is highly rewarding, as it allows you to provide protection and help people in need. You’ll be protecting patients, employees and ensuring the medical supplies are safe. You may be posted at the entry points or do regular patrols of the medical facility.

5. Residential Buildings – another great opportunity in security is working at an apartment or condominium complex. If you have top quality skills and don’t shy away from providing great customer service, then give this position a try. You may be the first point of contact in the lobby, or you may be completing patrols on each shift to check for suspicious activity and unwanted persons.

These are just some of the different work environments available in the security field. If you’re looking for a physically active patrol or a people facing position, then you’re sure to find something to fit your personality and goals as a security guard.