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Security Industry Blog

Intellectual Property Theft by the Numbers

By Joshua Tallis One trillion dollars is a significant number. One trillion dollars is a one, followed by 12 zeros. One trillion dollars would buy you over forty million new cars. One trillion dollars would buy you more than five and a half million American homes of the median value. One trillion dollars is a […]

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The Role of Pre-Operational Surveillance in Terrorist Attack Planning

By Luke Bencie and Leo West It should come as no surprise that the aspect of the terrorist attack planning cycle in which the terrorist is most easily detected, is that during the pre-operational surveillance of intended targets. This “exposed” phase has been the downfall of many would-be terrorists and is usually credited as a […]

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The Art of Business: Lessons on Counter-Espionage

By Luke Bencie and Josh Tallis – Security Management International, LLC The contemporary business tie has a long and unexpected history behind it. Tracing its way back through Victorian fashion and 15th-century Parisian fancies, it seems as if the necktie originated as a cravat worn by Croatian warriors. So, modern businessmen—wear your armour boldly.  Corporate […]

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The Dangers of Casual Conversation:
Targeting International Business Travelers through Elicitation

By Luke Bencie Elicitation. A ploy where a seemingly normal conversation is contrived to extract information about the individual, their work, or their colleagues that is not readily available to the public.  “So, what do you do?” How often have you been asked this seemingly innocent question on an aeroplane, at a dinner party, or some […]

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Top 5 Tips for Doing Business in Africa

By Luke Bencie Recently the senior associates at Security Management International decided to see how many countries in Africa they had collectively travelled to. The answer, we’re proud to say, was all of them – 55 countries in total. That is a highly diverse array of nations. This number includes North Africa (the Middle Eastern […]

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Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA): One of the Last Dark Places of the Earth

By Luke Bencie In Joseph Conrad’s classic novel Heart of Darkness, the unexplored and unmapped jungles of the African Congo in the 1890s are referred to as “one of the last dark places of the earth.” Today, with international travel accessible to virtually anywhere, along with the advent of on-line satellite mapping programs, one would […]

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Top Five Ways Business Executives are Spied Upon Overseas and How They Can Protect Themselves

By Luke Bencie Today’s business environment is fast-paced, ever-changing and highly competitive. Global interconnectivity, coupled with competitive geopolitical realities, has created a new corporate dynamic that allows for few allies. Being one step ahead of the competition is no longer a matter of securing a holiday bonus; it is vital to a company’s survival. For […]

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The Four Pillars of Success: How to Earn a Million Dollars Per Year as a Global Security Consultant

By Luke Bencie Let’s cut right to the chase.  You have a deep desire to be your own boss, and your goal is to make a million dollars over the next twelve months… and why shouldn’t you?  Your impressive resume includes decades’ worth of professional experience in the field of security.  You probably were – or maybe still […]

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